Dog Beach Jewelry A Simple Sandy Life™

We created this special SurfToken™ to support our passion project, The i SEA u Movement. 

We believe in the power of LOVE and it's ability to change lives and, in fact, to change the world.

Truly SEAing the unique beauty, love & light in others is an awesome thing.

When we share with them what we SEA, a very powerful, loving & sacred moment is created - the memory of which will last a lifetime.

Feeling truly SEAn and loved - even with all our flaws - empowers us to shine even brighter as we continue to learn, evolve & grow... and, in turn, to honestly share ourselves with others, SEA them, share what we SEA... and then watch the love move on and on, wave after wave of love & sharing.

The i SEA u SurfToken serves as a physical reminder of what you SEA in others - a sort of Talisman - where the power of your words will forever dwell and be an always-there reminder to the one who's been SEAn. We hope you'll join us and let others know they've been SEAn - a simple act which, we believe, will have a positive impact on us all.

For more information and suggestions for giving, please visit: