Dog Beach Jewelry A Simple Sandy Life™

We believe strongly in giving back to our local beaches & communities.

We do do this through monetary donations based on sales and, also, with our time & effort by participating in beach & storm drain clean-ups - both organized & spontaneous.

It never ceases to amaze us when we see someone leave their cigarette butts or other trash on the beach or pull live creatures from the tide pools to suffer slow deaths as some kind of personal amusement.

The littering is obviously illegal, unthinking & stupid; the wildlife laws are a little less obvious, but the truth is that removing ANY creature from California tide pools without a fishing license is illegal (and these licenses specify what & how many can be taken).

Every time we visit the beach we always pick up some extra trash & do our best to educate others.  Thank you for joining us and doing the same so we can try to keep our beaches and oceans as clean and healthy as possible.

Wanna do some good AND get a sweet deal?  Just send us a selfie cleaning trash from our oceans, beaches or waterways and we'll post them here and send you a coupon code good for 25% OFF your next Dog Beach Jewelry purchase!  Photos can be sent to: