Dog Beach Jewelry A Simple Sandy Life™
  • Secret Spot wave ring in bronze (medium)


    In Junior High my friends and I were OBSESSED with drawing waves and there was definitely some "beach cred" awarded to the kids who could draw them well.  We'd make covers for our text books out of brown paper grocery bags and draw all over 'em... we'd even use the lower rubber edge of our Vans sneakers to sketch out our fantasies of deserted beaches with lovely island girls and perfect waves breaking in warm, friendly seas.  This is our first ever wave ring and it is a tribute to those times... we hope you wear it in good health and allow its magic to transport you back to those endless Summer days.

    Handmade in solid bronze, the "Secret Spot" wave ring in medium fits most fingers sized 7 to 9... and some toes, too!

    Wear this ring with the wave breaking towards you when you want to bring great energy & joy into your heart and wear it facing out when you've got good vibes & love to spare!

    Bronze naturally tarnishes and develops its own patina based on your skin type and how often you wear it.  If you'd like to clean it up a bit and don't have metal polish, we've found a little liquid soap, baking soda & water and even toothpaste work well.

    Choose between bronze (golden color) & red bronze (dark copper color).  Please note the red bronze is the most flexible/bendy, so should be worn with care :)