Dog Beach Jewelry A Simple Sandy Life™
  • YOUR Beach/Surf Break Custom Cuff Rings

    Please tell us your favorite Beach or Surf Break & remember LESS IS MORE in terms of readability & raddness ;) and please consider a space as 1 character.

    Here's your chance to be the RADDEST (as if you aren't already - right?!) person at your local beach/surf break! 

    We will custom make your cuff ring with the name of your favorite spot and add distress details if you want them - like the sun rays you see on the Laguna Beach version pictured or hammer strikes (each delivered with loving intent).

    This ring features our 1970's style wave art with one perfect barrel peeling right & one peeling left with a heart rising up out of the foam. 

    As with all our rings, each is slightly different since they are all individually hand made and finished with love & positive vibes! 

    All of our pewter pieces are made of 100% lead-free pewter & the finish seems to self-polish as you wear it, so it just gets better & better as your life is added to it.

    The crown-top cuff is approx 1/2" wide & the solid cuff is approx 5/8"