Dog Beach Jewelry

A Simple Sandy Life™

As kids growing up on Dog Beach in Malibu, we spent our days sandy, salty, wild & free. We made driftwood forts & crazy bonfires. We built our own skateboards by hand with leftover wood from Malibu Lumber and we rode ‘em, barefoot, along the Pacific Coast Highway. We always surfed with friends and freely shared the waves, joy & stoke. On hot Fall days when the waves were firing against howling off-shore winds, our AMAZING mom could always be counted on to write a convincing note for the school attendance lady. And, when life on dry land got a little bit too heavy, we always found refuge, serenity & healing in the sea. With each piece I create, my intent is to share some of the pure magic of those very special times. I hope my creations will be a reminder to us all to reconnect with that carefree little bohemian wild-child inside. So here’s to that precious kid and to our beautiful oceans & beaches - may we cherish, respect & protect them ALL – ALWAYS!