Dog Beach Jewelry A Simple Sandy Life™

Lifelong surfer & artist, Rich Michaelsen was raised in a funky little beach shack on Las Flores Beach

(AKA Dog Beach) in Malibu, California.

He still lives in the area today and you can find him surfing in Malibu with his dad & brother… always mindful of what surfing is all about: connecting with the sea and sharing the aloha spirit, waves, joy & stoke with family, friends & other surfers.

All our jewelry is inspired by a love of nature, the ocean, surfing and simple beach life.

Thank you for checking us out and please feel free to contact us with any questions…

Even if you just feel like meeting up for a surf!

All our pieces are designed & handmade by the beach in Sunny Southern California.  We believe that objects, like people, possess and transmit energy.

With this in mind, every strike of the hammer and pass of the file is done with love, positive thoughts & affirmations for health, happiness, joy & freedom.

Rich's favorite trick!